Festivals & Seasons

King Street Cinema was the partner venue for the inaugural Suffolk Shorts festival in October 2021, and is a partner venue for SPILL Festival Of Performance and Sound City Ipswich.

King Street Cinema also celebrates film with seasons built around writers, directors and other creative forces in threads like our AUTEURS season.

King Street Cinema will be launching its homegrown film music festival, Suffolk Film Music Festival in the near future. Suffolk Film Music Festival received a soft launch in February 2021 with an exclusive roundtable of award winning composers, conductors and journalists discussing the legacies of composers John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith.

Suffolk Film Music Festival

Launching at SPILL Festival 2021

Suffolk Film Music Festival is East Anglia’s first film music festival. The festival was quietly launched in February 2021 with Score Masters, a roundtable celebration of the careers of John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith in their birthday week, with contributors including Oscar-nominated composer David Newman, Grammy-winning conductor Leonard…

The Auteurs

This December sees us introduce an ongoing season of films from acclaimed directors around the world. THE AUTEURS digs into the past work of directors in the wake of each auteur's newest film to present films from their careers that had a significant cultural impact, touched on the zeigeist of the time, or went unnoticed or reviled upon release.

1982: The Future Classics

1982 would go down in history as one of the most eclectic, genre defining and richest years in cinema. It was a year when Steven Spielberg came of age (E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL), Ridley Scott bombed at the box office (BLADE RUNNER), John Carpenter went north (THE THING), Dustin Hoffman shaved his legs (TOOTSIE), Shakespeare influenced the final…

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