Goodfellas (18)

Saturday 28 Sep

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Part of the series, MOTHER CUTTERS.

Academy Award-winning director Martin Scorsese exposes the fascinating, mysterious and violent underworld of New York's Mafia families through the life of insider Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) as he rises from smalltime thug to mobster under the guidance of Jimmy Conway (Academy Award winner Robert De Niro) in this searing, epic crime drama based on the chilling true-life best seller Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi.

Goodfellas was Thelma Schoonmaker's eighth feature film collaboration with Martin Scorsese and won her the BAFTA for Editing in 1991. The visual style of Goodfellas is one that heavily influenced many films throughout the 90s and continues to influence film and television productions to this day. As Schoonmaker's creative role in Hollywood continues to garner recognition and awards it's clear that her sensibilities around story and character are as astute today as they were in 1970.

Director: Martin Scorsese

Cast: Robert De Niro, Ray Lotta, Joe Pesci

Certificate: 18

Running Time: 146 minutes

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Saturday 28 Sep

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